Sweden is chasing its ninth straight World Cup gold. In the World Cup opener in Singapore, the Swedish national team had an easy trip to Slovakia.

Sweden took the lead with two goals in two minutes. After that, the goals continued to come at a steady pace and the final score was finally written to a whopping 20-3.

However, it was a bit of a fly in the ointment after the victory. Ida Sundberg, 29, was forced to leave injured after a situation at the beginning of the third period.

"That didn't look fun. It's not good at all if she gets injured, a key player for Sweden, says commentator Chris Härenstam in the broadcast.

Emelie Wibron historical

In the big victory, Wilma Johansson was the top scorer with her four goals.

"It was a very fun game to play. We go in and show that we want to control the game. We're doing what we're supposed to do," she said after the game.

In addition, national team veteran Emelie Wibron, 31, also took the opportunity to make history.

Wibron, who last year was named the world's best floorball player, was noted for five points and thus passed Anna Wijk as the best point scorer in the World Championships of all time.

Sweden's next match in the World Cup is on Monday, when they face the Czech Republic.