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On Friday evening, Sweden's Olympic dream was dashed. In the same Nations League group, already clear group leaders Spain played Italy later that evening.

Once there, the reigning world champions made a strange mistake.

For the second half, Spain made a double substitution. Athenea del Castillo and Aitana Bonmati got off – but in came only Lucia Garcia, who also hadn't tied her shoes.

"Can't be allowed at this level"

During the half-minute that Spain played with ten players, Italy took the opportunity to score 1-1.

"This must not be allowed in a match at this level," said Athenea del Castillo afterwards.

The game ended 3–2 to Italy, who now have the same number of points as Sweden in the Nations League.

Thus, the Swedes' last match against Spain (December 5) will be decisive for whether or not they will stay in the Nations League's A division.

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See the goal that makes Sweden miss the Olympics in Paris next year. Photo: Ludvig Thunman / BILDBYRÅN