Alvar Myhlback did not participate during the first weekend at the World Cup in Ruka. But at home in Gällivare, the 17-year-old comes to the start, with a good feeling.

"If I get to my races, I hope to be able to be up there," he told SVT Sport.

What are your goals for the weekend?

"The goal is to ski so well that I can move on, I think. Then we'll see how much show I can put on tomorrow but I'll do my best.

"Just go out and have fun"

First up is the 10 kilometres, and on Sunday it's time for the first relay of the season, where Myhlback hopes to get a place.

National team manager Anders Byström does not want to reveal his plans for Sunday, but says the following about Myhlback before his debut:

"I told him today that he's just going to go out and have fun and feel it. There are no performance requirements for him whatsoever.