, Beijing, December 12 (Liu Xingchen) On the evening of the 2nd, the 2-2023 FIS Snowboard and Freestyle Skiing Big Air World Cup ended at the Shougang Ski Big Air in Beijing. In the men's snowboard big air final, Su Yiming successfully won the championship with 2024.184 points.

Happy, excited, these are the two words that Su Yiming mentioned the most when talking about his feelings about winning the championship, and he admitted that his love for snowboarding has never changed, "There is no limit to snowboarding, and the players can show their own characteristics." ”

The picture shows Su Yiming in the qualifying round. Photo by China News Service reporter Tomita

Shougang Ski Big Air is also known as "Snow Flying". At the beginning of 2022, 18-year-old Su Yiming took off to the air and presented his entry into the adult world with a gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

This time he returned to the blessed land, and he soared into the sky.

During the acclimatization training, Su Yiming and coach Yasuhiro Sato took a group photo in the big air starting area, "We are back!" ”

Before the Beijing Winter Olympics completed the winning jump, at the top of the more than 50-meter-high auxiliary slide of the "Snow Flying Sky", Su Yiming hugged Yasuhiro Sato and set off resolutely.

Returning again, Su Yiming couldn't help but sigh, "This feeling is exactly the same as during the Beijing Winter Olympics." ”

The picture shows Su Yiming. Photo by Liu Xingchen

After the Beijing Winter Olympics, Su Yiming has not participated in official FIS events, and he is precipitating himself. From the 2023 WORLD X GAMES to the X GAMES CHINA Ski Tour Finals to the weekday training, he has long been familiar with movements such as the 1980 rotation of the right foot.

In the past year, Su Yiming also has an additional identity, a 2023 undergraduate freshman at Tsinghua University.

When the news of being escorted to Tsinghua University was announced, Su Yiming posted a message with emotion that the three wishes he had made about the 18-year-old had finally come true: to qualify for the Beijing Winter Olympics, to stand on the highest podium to let the national anthem play, and to get the ideal university admission letter.

During this time away from the arena, Su Yiming has changed in many aspects such as body shape and maturity. For him, getting back on the slopes was a challenge.

"The level of competition in this competition is even higher than that of the Beijing Winter Olympics." The host of the scene used such a sentence to describe the men's snowboard big air qualifying tournament held on the 1st, and the cruel competition system of 22 players competing for 5 promotion places made the game quite interesting.

The picture shows Su Yiming. Photo by Liu Xingchen

Japan's Daisho Hagiwara, Shin Kimata, Aoi Kimura and Switzerland's Nicolas Huber are all strong players.

Turning 1800 with his feet inside, in such a master duel, Su Yiming chose his most confident move in the first jump.

Jumping, taking off, landing, all links are smooth. At 88.00 points, Su Yiming conquered the audience with a set of near-perfect moves. With 163.50 points, he finally ranked first in the qualifying round and advanced to the final.

The picture shows Su Yiming in the qualifying round. Photo by China News Service reporter Tomita

While waiting for the final result, he chatted with other finishers from time to time, "I miss playing with everyone on the field and enjoying the process, and I'm very happy to be back here and play with everyone today." ”

In the final, Su Yiming withstood the pressure and scored 89.00 points and 94.50 points in the first two jumps, ranking first. After the victory, he greeted the crowd and celebrated the victory.

The picture shows the audience cheering for Su Yiming. Photo by Liu Xingchen

For Su Yiming, this is just the first official FIS event he has competed in since the Beijing Winter Olympics. When asked about the movements shown in the final, Su Yiming's words were full of excitement, and he bluntly said that he has been trying to reverse the 1800 movement with his backfoot and is eager to seek a breakthrough, "The day before the competition, I only successfully completed this movement in training. ”

After a long absence, Su Yiming's love for snowboarding has never changed. In his opinion, there is no such thing as a limit to snowboarding, and athletes can push themselves to show their characteristics as much as possible.

Three years later, the Winter Olympics in Milan will take place as scheduled. Along the way, Su Yiming has long regarded this ice and snow feast as his ultimate goal, and in the process of impacting the Milan Winter Olympics, he hopes to achieve small goals through various events such as the World Cup. (ENDS)