China News Service Chengdu, December 12 (Reporter He Shaoqing) The 1th "Belt and Road" Chengdu Global Chess Doubles Tournament in 2023 kicked off in Chengdu on the morning of December 12, with 1 elite chess players from 13 countries and regions participating, including world champions Zhao Xinxin and Jiang Chuan, as well as new world champion Meng Chen, Vietnamese national champion Nguyen Minh Riguang and other famous players.

It is understood that the Chengdu Global Chess Doubles Championship is an innovative event sponsored by the World Chess Federation. This year's competition has innovated the competition system, and the participating chess players are divided into two groups: the red handsome group and the black general group. Eight pairs in each of the two groups will compete in seven rounds of single round-robin tournaments. Among them, the Red Shuai group is composed of the top male and female chess players in China and two of the top male and female chess players in Vietnam. The black group is composed of 8 non-Chinese and Vietnamese players from Germany, Malaysia and Thailand, as well as players from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, Hong Kong and Macao.

Fok Zhenting, President of the World Chess Federation, said in a video speech that since its inception in 2017, the Chengdu Global Chess Doubles Championship has demonstrated the charm of chess to the world, created a platform for players from various countries and regions to learn and communicate, and played a positive role in the development of Chinese and foreign chess culture. The World Chess Federation has always been committed to the development and dissemination of chess in the world, and will continue to work with Chengdu to build a unique brand of global chess doubles tournaments and promote world sports and cultural exchanges.

"With the popularization of the Internet, the development of artificial intelligence and the increase in world championships, it is obvious that overseas chess players have made rapid progress in the past two years." Zheng Weitong, world chess champion and Hangzhou Asian Games champion, said that the two-player tournament is different from the traditional one-on-one chess competition, and it also tests the communication and cooperation of the two players. (ENDS)