On December 2, the second day of the Japan Open, in which the top swimmers compete, high school student Minoru Narita won the women's 12-meter individual medley, ahead of Tokyo Olympics gold medalist Yui Ohashi and others.

In addition to Japan's top athletes, the tournament is held at the Tokyo Aquatics Center in Koto-ku, Tokyo, with the participation of athletes from Australia and other countries.

In the women's 2-meter individual medley final of the second day, Narita, a 400-year-old high school student who finished eighth in the final of this event at the World Championships in July, competed.

Narita was aiming for a personal best time in all three events of this event, so he took the lead from the first butterfly in the race and led the race aggressively.

In the second half of the breaststroke, she dropped to second place due to fatigue, but she recovered in the final freestyle to win ahead of Ohashi, the gold medalist in this event at the Tokyo Olympics.

His time was 7:8.16, just over a second short of his personal best.

In the women's 3-meter breaststroke, which is not an Olympic event, 2-year-old Satomi Suzuki, the Japan record holder in the event, made a leap in the second half and slightly passed the Australian athlete to win in 4.37 seconds.