There will be no Olympics for Sweden in Paris next summer. That is clear after the loss to Switzerland in the Nations League.

"I'm disappointed that we didn't get a goal, because it would change the game and then we might as well win this game, it feels like," says Peter Gerhardsson to SVT Sport.

The coach believes that it is the inability to score goals that is also present in today's game.

"Wanted Hurtig in"

"Football is about skill and we're not skilled enough in that phase," he said.

At the same time, the offensive talent Rosa Kafaji sat on the bench the entire game. Gerhardsson believes that it was a decision made based on the match picture.

"There was a lot in the box and Lina Hurtig is our best main player so we wanted her in. Then there are other parts in other parts. It would have been against Asllani in a ten position in that case, but yes. That's the way it is.