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LeBron James would also skip an NBA game

Photo: Mark J. Terrill / dpa

About four months ago, Bronny James suffered a cardiac arrest in training and missed the start of his college career as a result. Whether the son of NBA legend LeBron James would ever return to a basketball court seemed uncertain at the time. Now it's clear: Bronny can play again, possibly soon.

As the family now announced, the doctors had given the 19-year-old the green light. He could start training next week and take part in games "soon after". So far, he is still waiting for his debut for the University of Southern California (USC).

NBA star LeBron James said after his Los Angeles Lakers' game at Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night that he would skip a game to attend his son's college debut. "I'm really looking forward to his first game. Family is more important to me." He has already informed his teammates.

His son coped well with rehab, LeBron James continued. "We've had great doctors all along who have told us that they think things are going to work out in our favor. He did everything and didn't suffer any setbacks."

Time of comeback is uncertain

Coach Andy Enfield is also optimistic. "The heart specialists cleared him, which is great," Enfield said. "We're now looking to get him back on the pitch next week." However, it is not yet clear when exactly Bronny will play his first college game.

Before his cardiac arrest, it was considered possible that Bronny James would be selected as one of the first ten players in the 2024 NBA Draft. However, his NBA chances are uncertain. According to information from the family, the cardiac arrest was triggered by a congenital heart defect.

LeBron James had stated several times that he did not want to end his career until his son had also made the leap to the NBA and both had played together. The top scorer in NBA history is currently in his 21st season.