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On Friday night, Sweden will face Switzerland in the Nations League, the tournament that serves as an Olympic qualifier for Paris 2024.

But regardless of how things go for Sweden, the Olympic dream could be over if Spain defeats Italy later that evening.

"I really hope they can score points"

However, Kosovare Asllani, who plays for Milan, believes that the Italians can take points against the world champions.

"Italy came close to scoring last time out (Spain won 1-0). Nothing is impossible. They are a team on the rise. It feels like they got a boost from the new coach, says Asllani to SVT Sport and adds:

"I really hope they can score points.

Ahead of tonight's matches, Sweden is five points behind Spain in the group stage. If the Swedes are to make it to the Olympics, there must be victory in the last matches against Switzerland and Spain – at the same time as the Spaniards drop points against Italy.

Could miss the Olympics for the first time

Sweden has never missed the Olympics before, but now there is a great risk that there will be no trip to Paris next summer.

"Of course we don't want to miss it. All championships are fun to play, the Olympics especially. Now the conditions are tougher than before. There's not much you can do other than try to win all your matches.

SVT broadcasts Sweden's match against Switzerland starting at 19:45 on SVT24 and Play.

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See how Sweden makes it to the Olympics. Photo: Bildbyrån