Koyaren = Japan High School Baseball Federation President Kaoru Hokaru revealed that he is discussing the introduction of video judgment in high school baseball.

In professional baseball in Japan, video judgment is used as a replay verification for out and safe judgments, but it is not currently introduced in high school baseball.

At a press conference after the board meeting held in Osaka City on the 1st, the president of the Takaya Federation, said, "We are discussing whether to introduce video judgment," and revealed that they are discussing whether to introduce video judgment in high school baseball in the future.

He added, "I've heard that there are pros and cons right now, and while I understand why you have to do that in high school baseball, you also have to get rid of the disappointment of the results of your daily efforts."

It is said that discussions are underway, including whether to introduce it only at the Koshien tournament or at the regional tournament, and the secretariat of the Koyaren said, "We are in a situation where we are receiving opinions from various places, and at this point it has not been decided at all what will happen."