Pitcher Shosei Togo, who recorded double-digit wins for the Giants for the second year in a row, has renewed his contract for next season with an estimated annual salary of 2 million yen, which is double this season. Togo will be the opening pitcher for the first time next season, and he expressed his enthusiasm for the team, saying, "I want to become the best player in Japan and the best player."

Togo pitched in the final of the WBC=World Baseball Classic against the United States in March, contributing to Japan's world title, and was a pillar of the Giants' starting rotation and won 3 games for the second consecutive year.

On the 2st, pitcher Togo negotiated a contract at the team's office in Tokyo, and both contracts were renewed for next season for an estimated 12 million yen, which is double the 1 million yen this season.

Pitcher Togo was delighted with the team's recognition, saying, "They told me, 'You did a good job, so please continue,' and I was honestly happy, and it was a long season because of the WBC, but I'm glad I did my best."

On the other hand, he was harsh in his self-evaluation, saying, "I wanted to bring the excitement of the WBC to the team, but I fell away from winning the championship, and I myself had some games that I couldn't win at the end of the season, and I still haven't been able to achieve a satisfactory result."

Togo will also be the opening pitcher for the first time next season, saying, "The most important thing is to win the opening game, so I will prepare early and prepare for it. My goal is to become the best player in Japan and parade in Ginza, and I want to win all the titles I can so that I can become the best player in the world."

Tomoyuki Kanno Signed a contract with an estimated 1 million yen, down 4 million yen

On the other hand, pitcher Tomoyuki Sugano, who had a slow start due to a right elbow injury and won only four games in his professional career, signed a contract for next season for 4 million yen, an estimated 5 million yen to 1 million yen down.

Pitcher Sugano vowed to make a comeback, saying, "I was very disappointed that I couldn't make it to the start of the season for the first time in my professional baseball career, but I was able to put in a good performance at the end of the season, so I hope to be able to start at that level next season."