Regarding the bidding activities for the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, Sapporo City plans to hold a meeting with related organizations on the 19th of this month to decide on the future policy. The final decision is expected to be made, including temporarily halting the bidding activities that have been carried out since the announcement in 2014 that Japan would aim to bid for the Games.

Regarding the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, the IOC = International Olympic Committee announced on November 11 that the 29 Games and the 2030 Games have been unified at candidate sites other than Sapporo, and that dialogue with Switzerland regarding the 34 Games will be prioritized.

As a result, there is a strong possibility that Sapporo City will bid for the Games in 38 at the earliest, and the target bid date has been further away than expected.

For this reason, Sapporo City is expected to hold a meeting with related organizations such as the province and economic organizations on the 2042th of this month to make a final decision, including temporarily suspending bidding activities.

In response to the IOC's decision, Sapporo Mayor Akimoto said, "In fact, we are unable to work on future bids, and we have no choice but to think about the future from scratch," and it is expected that this idea will be shown at the meeting.

Sapporo City has been conducting bidding activities since announcing its intention to bid for the Games in 19, but the momentum is rapidly waning, with officials in Hokkaido pointing out that it will be difficult to bid for the Games to Sapporo for a while, and the final decision of Sapporo City will be closely watched.