Watch Morgan Johansson explain his approach to open ice tackles in the player above.

Morgan Johansson, project manager for player safety at the Swedish Ice Hockey Association, says that statistics show that there is a 70 percent risk that one of the players will be injured in connection with an open ice tackle.

Of those injuries, some are concussions. That's why Johansson is open to banning open ice tackles on the men's side, just as they already are in the women's SDHL.

"I don't know if we're ready for it, but I think it's a debate that should be discussed," he says.

SVT Sport's expert Jonas Andersson does not believe that a ban on open ice tackles would have the desired effect.

"I think if you were to remove the open ice tackle, you'd see more players putting themselves in bad situations," he said.

This season, there have been 0.55 concussions per season so far, which is a little more than one concussion every other round. That number is higher than the last two seasons before the current one.

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Hear Jonas Andersson's view on the proposal in the player above.