There are still 2023 days left before the start of the 10 Guangzhou Marathon, and the Guangzhou Marathon Organizing Committee announced through the official website on the 29th, and the runners' entry numbers are now open for inquiry. From December 12th to December 7th, the 12 Guangzhou Marathon Expo will be held in Hall 9.2023, Area B, China Import and Export Fair Complex (Hall 11.1, Area B, Canton Fair Complex).

It is understood that the runners who have successfully obtained the qualification for this year's Guangzhou Marathon can inquire through the original registration channel - the official website of the Guangzhou Marathon, Maramara or the Digital Heart APP, and the specific methods are as follows: Method 1: Log in to the official website of Guangzhou Marathon:, click on the "Race Number Query" and log in - My Registration - Appointment Collection Time - Collection List Download - Health and Safety Responsibility Commitment Download; Method 2: Log in to the Malamara App, click "My" in the lower right corner - My Registration - Make an appointment for the collection time - Download the collection list - Download the Health and Safety Responsibility Commitment; Method 3: Log in to the Digital XD App, click "My" in the lower right corner - My Registration - Make an appointment for the collection time - Download the collection list - Health and Safety Responsibility Commitment.

The organizing committee reminds the participants that the marathon is a high-load, high-intensity, long-distance competitive sport, and also a high-risk competitive event, which has higher requirements for the physical condition of the participants. Participants should be the first responsible person for their own health and strengthen their self-health assessment. You should take a physical examination at a qualified medical institution, and evaluate whether you can participate in the competition based on the physical examination report. Pay close attention to your physical health before the race, and do not participate in the competition with illness. When collecting the contestants, please submit the Health and Safety Responsibility Commitment signed by the participants in accordance with the requirements of the organizing committee.

The "Competition Regulations" and "Registration Instructions" of this competition clearly stipulate that those with the following physical conditions are not suitable to participate in the competition: 1. Have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases (including hypertension), congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease, myocarditis and other heart diseases, chronic lung diseases, diabetes, chronic liver, kidney diseases, tumors and other underlying diseases; 2. Maintenance dialysis patients; 3. Immunodeficiency; 4. Coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia; 5. Diabetes mellitus with high or low blood sugar; 6. Obesity (body mass index, i.e. BMI ≥ 30); 7. Suffering from a cold within two weeks before the race day; 8. Heavy alcohol consumption or lack of sleep the night before the race; 9. Pregnant women; 10. Heavy smokers; 11. Other diseases that are not suitable for exercise.

In addition, according to the information on the official website, the 2023 Guangzhou Marathon Expo will be held from December 12 to December 7 in Hall 12.9, Area B, China Import and Export Fair Complex (Hall 11.1, Area B, Canton Fair Complex). The exhibition has an area for the distribution of items for the participants of the Guangzhou Marathon, a brand promotion and display area for the sponsors of the Guangzhou Marathon, an exhibition area for the brand of exhibitors, and an exchange lecture area for the road running college, so as to realize the interactive communication with the participants and road running enthusiasts, and build a communication platform for more road running industry products and road running enthusiasts.

At the same time, the official website also released an announcement on the instructions for Guangzhou Malaysia contestants to receive race items. According to the announcement, contestants can pick up from 12 a.m. to 7 p.m. on December 10, 17 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the 10th, and 17 a.m. to 9 p.m. on the 10th at Hall 20.11, Area B, Canton Fair Complex.

The specific process of receiving the entry package is as follows: make an appointment for the collection time through the official website or the official cooperative APP and arrive at the item distribution venue according to the appointment time, present the electronic collection form, identify the identity through the original valid certificate to enter the venue, print the receipt on the spot, sign the "Health and Safety Responsibility Commitment", complete the face information entry, collect the number bib and the race uniform with the receipt of the item, and finally complete the collection and verify the face entry information.

The organizing committee reminds the contestants that the participation package can only be collected by the registered contestants themselves, and cannot be collected by others. Contestants need to prepare the original valid documents in advance, print the "Health and Safety Responsibility Commitment" in advance and sign it by themselves. Uniforms will be distributed on the spot, and once issued, they will not be returned.

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Su Jing