It was in the World Cup dress rehearsal against Germany on Sunday that both Linn Blohm and Mathilda Lundström were forced to leave with injuries.

In Linn Blohm's case, it was a sprain and the midfielder tells SVT Sport that she will be able to play the premiere against China.

It has been worse for Mathilda Lundström. The right-winger has suffered a feeling in his hamstring and will be ready on Sunday at the earliest when Sweden face Senegal.

"I need a few full training sessions before I'm ready for a fight. The medical team has given the go-ahead and I have a good set-up. My body has reacted well, so I'm ready to go all out in game two," Lundström told SVT Sport.

Lundström says that there have been a few days of uncertainty.

"It's always a worry when you get an injury that you're not prepared for. It went quickly from when it happened until I was told that it is nothing serious.

Head coach Tomas Axnér:

"We're not going to take any chances with Mathilda. If we can give her two more days, we'll do it. It looks like she won't play against China – but there's no concern that she won't play in the World Cup. But she will be tested in full load and we haven't had time to do that yet, says Axnér.