It is mainly problems with his back that make the 24-year-old retire next season. The study situation in California also plays a role.

"First of all, I've had a lot of back problems that don't seem to want to go away. It has also been difficult to balance studies with sports here at Stanford. I don't have the same resources here as before," Gunnarsson told the Swedish Athletics Federation.

Sweden's all-time third

After all, it was a difficult decision to make as a 24-year-old, Sweden's all-time third at 4.65, to sit out yet another season. She has not competed since the European Championships in Munich in August 2022.

"Yes, a very difficult decision. I tried to make it work because I know how much fun it is to compete.

She may make an effort to get back to 2025 if the pieces fall into place, even if it's not a priority now.

"We'll see! If the glow is there and your back feels good. I'm going to finish my master's first. That's priority number 1 right now," says Gunnarsson.