, Beijing, November 11 (Reporter Guo Chaokai) "We hope to combine Levante's experience and methodology with local football to create a synergy that is beneficial to both parties." "Daniel Pastor, Levante's Director of International Training, recently visited China to restart Levante's football training activities in China.

Chinese fans who follow La Liga may be no stranger to Levante. Founded in 1909, Levante is a century-old Spanish football club and a "regular" in La Liga. In September this year, Chinese player Zhuang Jianfa joined Levante Futsal Club, which also made some Chinese fans pay more attention to this football club far away on the west coast of the Mediterranean.

During his visit to China, Pastor made a special trip to the La Liga office in Shanghai to strengthen ties with China in the future and explore more opportunities for the club to appear in China.

In October 2023, Daniel Pastor, Director of International Training at Levante Football Club, posed for a group photo with the young players of Hangzhou Xingzhi Primary School. Courtesy of La Liga

This is Pastol's seventh visit to China. The 7-year-old has a wealth of experience in football, having worked as a youth football coach for 49 consecutive years and has played for prestigious football clubs such as Villarreal and Barcelona.

After being invited to join Levante, Pastor founded Levante's international training division. Today, he leads Levante's international training programs in more than 20 countries around the world, providing customized football training programs to football clubs, youth academies and educational institutions around the world.

In fact, Levante had a plan to provide youth training for Chinese football as early as 2019, and had carried out training activities in cities such as Tianjin and Shanghai, but was later forced to suspend due to the impact of the new crown epidemic. After the resumption of the Chinese football training program this year, Levante staff also went to Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province to visit the Ostrich Football Club Youth Academy, hoping to promote the exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of football training through cooperation.

In October 2023, Levante Football Club's Director of International Training, Daniel Pastor, instructed the young players of Hangzhou Xingzhi Primary School in football training. Courtesy of La Liga

Visiting China many times has also allowed Pastor to witness the development of Chinese football youth training in recent years. Talking about China's youth training, Pastor pointed out in an exclusive interview with a reporter from Chinanews that the foundation for cultivating world-class football players lies in establishing a systematic and scientific football education and training system, which is gradually cultivated and promoted.

"Nature Does Not Leap." This is the coaching philosophy of Carlos Pereira, the world coach who led Brazil to World Cup glory in 1994, who emphasised that everything needs to evolve naturally, and so does youth football. In this regard, Pastor is deeply convinced.

"Based on my personal experience and what I have seen and heard in China, I think that Chinese football youth training lacks enough patience and time." Pastor believes that in order to produce good football players, it must start with teenagers. Players must participate in systematic training from an early age, and training and games should not be neglected until adulthood, as any interruption in the training process can have an impact on their development.

"In addition, there is a lack of regular football matches and sports training for the 5 to 18 age group, which means that it is difficult for China to produce consistent results in developing more elite players." Pastor said.

However, he also pointed out that the level of football training in China has been on the rise in recent years. The generation of young players who started systematic soccer training in schools five or six years ago has been mentored by more well-trained Chinese coaches, many of whom are often instructed on their abilities and techniques.

Pastor is also keeping a close eye on the good seedlings of China's youth academy and hopes to bring them to Levante. He revealed that during the Spring Festival and summer next year, it is expected that a group of Chinese football players will stand out from the layers of selection and go to Valencia, Spain to experience the original Levante football training.

Levante has a mature youth football youth training system, and its youth center has more than 50 coaches with professional, A and B level coaches. The quality of the teaching staff also ensures that Levante is a leading player in the field of youth football training.

"These young footballers not only have the opportunity to have in-depth football training, but also to integrate into our culture and learn about Levante's historical environment, customs, food, etc." Pastor said they will have the opportunity to participate in friendly matches and conduct training sessions with the Levante coaching staff; In the video analysis course, Levante technicians will study and analyze the games they have participated in and make recommendations for improvement based on the mistakes made in their games, so that they can make better decisions on the pitch in the future.

This year coincides with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Spain, and football has always been one of the bridges and links between the two countries. "Levante has always been committed to strengthening ties with China and using football as a tool for education and development, building bridges and sharing knowledge between different cultures for the benefit of international football." Pastor said. (ENDS)