Hear Ferry's critique in the player above.

One biathlete who has been mentioned as a hot option in the relay team is Emil Nykvist. But instead of competing in Östersund, the 26-year-old has gone to Finland to compete in the IBU Cup instead.

Björn Ferry would have preferred to see him get the chance in the World Cup.

"It's about seeing the whole picture"

Head coach Johannes Lukas explains his selection:

"It's about seeing the whole picture, the athletes who have skied the IBU Cup, such as Emil Nykvist, he has been injured and missed many hard sessions," Lukas told SVT Sport.

Nykvist had a fine performance in the IBU Cup where he came seventh in the 20-kilometer race after 19 of 20 shots.

"It was natural for him to compete and improve his quality to hopefully come back in the World Cup.

John Luke: "Many names about the fourth place"

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Johannes Lukas: "Many names about the fourth place" Photo: SVT