Professional baseball Rakuten announced that there was harassment as a result of an investigation following multiple players complaining of harassment from pitcher Tomohiro Anraku (27). He then revealed that he would not be on the pending roster for next season, which is expected to sign a contract for next season, which is due to be submitted to the commissioner on the 30th. As a result, the contract between the club and the pitcher will be terminated, and the pitcher will be a free agent.

Pitcher Tomohiro Anraku is a 27-year-old from Ehime Prefecture.

When he was at his hometown of Jimei High School, he led his team to a runner-up finish in the spring senbatsu as an ace in his second year, but in the summer of his third year, he was eliminated in the third round of the Ehime tournament due to an elbow injury.

Even so, he attracted attention from professionals as a full-fledged right-handed pitcher with a straight weight of over 2 kilograms, and was drafted No. 3 by two teams, Rakuten and Yakult, in the 3 draft and joined Rakuten.

In his first year as a professional, he started his first start and won the game, but after his second year, he did not perform as expected.

He then switched to the middle of the lineup, pitching in 150 or more games for three consecutive years until this season, helping the relievers.

However, it turned out that several players had complained to the club that they had been harassed by the pitcher, and the contract negotiations for the next season were postponed indefinitely and quarantined at home.

List of Reserved Persons What is a Free Contract?

By the end of November each year, 12 professional baseball clubs are required to submit a "pending contract roster" to the commissioner of professional baseball with a maximum of 11 players who are expected to continue their contracts next season.

The roster submitted by each club will be reviewed by the commissioner and will be published on the 70st.

According to the Baseball Agreement, if a player is not listed on this roster, his contract will be deemed to have been terminated and he will be publicly announced by the NPB as a "free agent player".

If you sign a free contract, you will be in a state of "leaving", so you will be able to negotiate with other clubs, including the club you belonged to until then, and you will be able to sign a player contract freely.

However, players who have been signed as free agents do not necessarily find new transfer destinations, and some players retire after searching for a transfer destination.