• 1912 Sweden is an Olympic Games for the first time. That time it was a Summer Olympics. The main arena was Stockholm Stadium, which was also built for the purpose.


  • In 1956, the Olympics were held in Melbourne, Australia, but due to the country's strict quarantine rules, the IOC decided that equestrian sports should have their own games. At the 49th IOC Session in Athens in 1954, it was decided that Stockholm would host the equestrian competitions.


  • 1984 Winter Olympics, Sarajevo.

The Swedish choice falls, among other things, on the long distances that existed between the proposed competition locations. Among other things, Falun, Hammarstrand and Åre were intended locations together with Gothenburg.


  • 1988 Winter Olympics, Calgary.

Falun's application was second, well ahead of Cortina. In a second round of voting, Calgary won by 48 votes to Falun's 31.


  • 1992 Winter Olympics, Albertville.

Falun once again applied for the Olympics, but for those who wanted a Winter Olympics in the Nordic countries, there were two options – Lillehammer also participated. In a final vote, Albertville won with 51 votes to Sofia's 25 and Falun's 9.


  • 1994 Winter Olympics, Lillehammer.

Neighboring countries Sweden and Norway competed for the Winter Olympics, and Östersund was the host instead of Lillehammer.

In a final vote, Lillehammer won with 45 votes against Östersund's 39 (one abstained).

Peter Forsberg's now classic penalty in the Olympic final in 1994. Photo: Bildbyrån


  • 1998 Winter Olympics, Nagano.

In a final vote, Nagano won by 46 votes to Salt Lake City's 42.


  • 2002 Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City.

Östersund is once again the applicant, without being close to winning the games.


  • 2004 Summer Olympics, Athens.

Stockholm was gearing up for a Summer Olympics, where Hammarbybacken and Hammarby Sjöstad were the intended locations for the main arena and the Olympic Village.

Several attacks took place in Stockholm during the 1990s to cause problems for the application – including a bomb at Stockholm Stadium.

In a final vote, Athens won by 66 votes to Rome's 41.


  • 2022 Winter Olympics, Beijing.

Sweden was involved in the application process for the 2022 Olympics for a few years, but never long enough to participate in the vote. The City of Stockholm withdrew in January 2014.


  • 2026 Winter Olympics, Milan Cortina.

Stockholm was gearing up for a Winter Olympics, where Barkarby would serve as an Olympic village and where a new ice rink would have been built. In a collaboration with Latvia – which would organize luge, bobsleigh and skeleton, in an existing facility in Latvia's Sigulda. Sweden's goal was an environmentally conscious championship with as few new buildings as possible.

With six months to go until the vote, it was between Calgary, in the end it was between Milan-Cortina and Stockholm/Åre – and the Italians won the vote.


Sweden applied to host the 2030 Winter Olympics. But on 29 November, the negative news came for Sweden.

The IOC chose to go ahead with France's candidacy.