In connection with the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022, human rights issues became increasingly topical.

Bribery, exploiting migrant workers and banning homosexuals were just some of the headlines surrounding the championship.

The Swedish Football Association (SvFF) had representatives on site during the World Cup, with the motivation that their "commitment to Qatar has always been long-term".

Barely a year later, Norway's and Denmark's counterparts have chosen to travel down to Qatar to follow up on the work in the country.

Lise Klaveness, president of the Norwegian Football Association, recently invited several other federations and according to Fotbollskanalen, SvFF's chairman Fredrik Reinfeldt chose not to go to Qatar.

"Sweden said no. They didn't want to come along, says Klaveness to Fotbollskanalen and continues:

"I don't really have any comments on that. But we wanted to include everyone. Of course, we hope that all unions take great responsibility for these issues, it is incredibly important. We want to build alliances with other federations.

"Fifa has not done the job they promised"

The Norwegian says that she and representatives from the Danish Football Association met with migrant workers and also had meetings with various authorities in Qatar.

"We want to follow up on things, including human rights, which FIFA has promised to follow up. Fifa has not put in the work they promised. They have taken it upon themselves to deliver a report on a follow-up from the World Cup, it was a promise that that job would be open to follow, but we have not seen anything. We want to see FIFA take greater responsibility for human rights," Klaveness said.

SVT Sport has tried to contact Fredrik Reinfeldt via SvFF without success.

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Watch a walkthrough on how Qatar was awarded the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Photo: Bildbyrån