At a meeting to prepare for the first place in the sumo tournament in January 2024, the 1-year-old Sonfuji was promoted to the new juryo in the required eight places.

The Japan Sumo Association held a numbering meeting on the 29th for the first place in 2024 and decided to promote Sonofuji of the Isegahama room and Oukatsumi of the Naruto room to the new 24 cars.

Of these, Sonfuji is a 6-year-old from Goshogawara City, Aomori Prefecture.

After graduating from the sumo wrestling powerhouse Tottori Johoku High School and the University of Japan, I entered the Isegahama room after graduating from university.

Last fall, he stepped on the first stage at the venue, followed by the first place in Kyushu and the second stage in the first place in Kotoshi.

And now he came in as the head of the western shogunate, and he won a series of victories with a powerful sumo wrestling, with a good record of 1 wins and 8 loss.

The new juryo with the required 6 places is the 33th earliest record after Showa 7, when the 22-place system was established per year, and excluding the addition of the shogunate and the 2020rd dan, along with the former Ozeki Konishiki and Atami Fuji in the same room.

In addition, Ou Katsumi is a 11-year-old from Tsuhata Town, Ishikawa Prefecture.

In the spring of 2, he stepped on the stage for the first time, won the first two stages in November of that year, and moved up to the rank of makushita in the spring of the following year.

After that, he was sidelined due to injuries and there was a time when he was lowered to the second tier of the standings, but he was now in the second place in the West and had a record of 4 wins and 3 losses.

In addition, it has been decided that Shiratakayama in the Takadagawa room and Tochi Musashi in the Kasugano room will return to Juryo.

The first location will open on January 2024, 1.