Geoffrey Branger / Photo credit: MAGALI COHEN / HANS LUCAS / HANS LUCAS VIA AFP 14:39 p.m., November 29, 2023

Laurent Nuñez, the prefect of police of Paris, revealed in the columns of the "Parisien" the outlines of the security system around the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, organized next summer. And while 15 million visitors are expected, you will have to register on a digital platform to circulate in the capital.

Unless you're a fan of walking or cycling, traffic in Paris during the Olympic fortnight promises to be sporty. While the capital will host the Olympic Games next summer, Laurent Nuñez revealed this Wednesday in Le Parisien the contours of the security system. The prefect of police of Paris announced that it would be necessary to register on a digital platform to be able to circulate.

This will work in almost the same way as the QR Code developed during the health crisis. The tool will be essential during this Olympic period in order to access the various security zones surrounding the venues. For each location, four security perimeters will be established, ranging from simple control of cars and two-wheelers to a total ban on access.

Active restrictions on competition times

To drive in certain areas, you will therefore have to justify your presence. The residents concerned will have to provide proof of address in the application, otherwise they will not be able to return home. In the same way, if a Parisian lives near the Seine and wants to invite friends to follow the opening ceremony, he will have to fill in the identity of his guests on the platform so that they can access the accommodation.


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These restrictions will be active during the time of the competitions. They will start 2h30 before the start of the events and will end until 1 hour after. This digital platform is expected to be available in March or April.