There are many older athletes in Sollentuna athletics hall this morning. But one face stands out. One of Sweden's most famous athletes of all time, the former alpine star Ingemar Stenmark, warms up at the pole vault.

"I jumped when I was a kid and have always been passionate about the sport. I've been meaning to try it sometime and now one said "why don't you try it?". So I got to try it and thought it was great fun," he says.

What do you like about the sport?

"That it's complicated. It's technically difficult, a challenge all the time.

Is it scary?

"Well, I don't jump that high, but it can be a bit scary. There must be no hesitation.

World Veterans Championships this summer

He has trained eight sessions during the autumn and coach Jonas Asplund says that it is going well.

"He's very promising, a fun mentee. He has an ability to take in instructions and he is body aware.

Stenmark, who has won 86 races in the Alpine World Cup, does not want to talk about heights or goals. But maybe there will be a competition next year.

"It's the World Veterans Championships in Gothenburg this summer. It's not impossible, but I'm not really that competitive. It's more of a fun thing and good training too.