Watch the professor talk about the study in the player above.

The study is based on responses from 490 male ice hockey players in the SHL and HockeyAllsvenskan.

According to the report, which was made by Professor Anders Håkansson and researcher Göran Kenttä, gambling problems are more common among elite hockey players compared to the average population.

"We have found that eleven per cent of the participants in our study have problem gambling, which is three to four times higher than boys of the same age in the general population," says Anders Håkansson.

"Not surprising"

In addition, there is a link between mental illness and alcohol consumption among gamblers with gambling addiction.

"We have had some studies in the past that indicate that male elite athletes have an increased prevalence of gambling for money. In that way, it's not really surprising," says Håkansson.

"Can't say that ice hockey stands out"

Anders Håkansson believes, however, that the problem is no greater in ice hockey than, for example, football.

"We can't say that ice hockey stands out compared to other sports, we have no evidence for that," he says.

The report has been made in collaboration with Sico, the ice hockey players' association.