Hanna Öberg had the lead before the last shooting in the relay in Östersund. But there she began to tremble considerably. She shot four shots and was forced to make extra shots, and managed to keep it down to a penalty round.

"I'm really not happy with the series and with the fact that there will be a penalty round, I'll definitely solve that in a better way," she told SVT Sport.

There were Sweden's chances of victory, but Öberg went away from Germany and still led Sweden to second place. Norway won.

"I'm surprised every time I boom"

All the bars were high up on the board and Öberg suspects that something was not right with the rifle.

"I don't think it's particularly shaky, I'm surprised every time I boom. I think I was probably a little late, that I'm not on the prints enough, then I have time to go out of the target instead of shooting when I'm in it, she says.

"I'm going to look at the settings tomorrow before the sprint, if I'm going to adjust anything, the feeling wasn't that bad," says Hanna Öberg.