One in three who responded to SVT's survey (conducted together with NRK and DR) state that they have played matches that they suspected were rigged.

"It's a very important and serious issue. If you look at our national team and championships, we have not discovered anything, but the numbers show that there are probably things happening that need to be taken care of, says Robert Wedberg, Secretary General of the Swedish Handball Federation.

Few know where to turn

The survey, which was sent to championship players from Sweden, Norway and Denmark, also shows that there are relatively many who state that they have not received training on the subject and that they do not know where to contact if they become aware of potential match-fixing.

"I think it's because this is not what's on their minds. For many, it's probably a non-issue," says Wedberg and continues:

"But it's important that somewhere in the back of their minds they know that they've done this. Because we actually envision it (that they have undergone training) when we develop the app in which the players receive information in connection with gatherings.

"Will talk to our troops"

Many Swedish players who responded to the survey state that they have received preventive information about match-fixing (more than seven out of ten players state so). But just over one in four say they know where to get in touch if they become aware of something.

"I think and hope that they will find the material, and there are many of us who can help answer questions.

Are you going to change anything now that you have these numbers?

"Of course, at the appropriate gathering, we will talk to our troops and see if there is anything we can do even more clearly for them.

"Because the education exists, they have actually done it, we know that. But if there is something missing, we can do it, we are available and have the knowledge for it.

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