After great success last year with two World Championship medals, Linn Persson had surgery on her shoulder this spring, which has been bothering her for several years. Now she shoots with a specially designed harness to relieve the shoulder.

In this weekend's distance race, Persson finished 15th, who admits that she is feeling the effects of the operated shoulder before Wednesday's relay.

"It's more tired than the healthy shoulder and needs time and recovery," she says.

Despite that, the 29-year-old hopes to get to the start, but is not entirely sure.

"Yesterday it (the shoulder) was very good and I didn't feel it. Today I feel a little more but hope and believe that it will be good for tomorrow. It's always that thing that I don't know exactly. It's always hard to predict, but the hope is that it will work.

If Persson gets to the start, she will drive the second leg. Anna Magnusson will start while Elvira Öberg will drive leg three and Hanna Öberg will drive leg four.