Alexander Isak was fastest on a rebound in the 24th minute and scored 1-0. It was the home team PSG who pushed the most forward and created a lot of opportunities – but were stopped by Newcastle's big goalkeeper, Nick Pope.

PSG, led by Kylian Mbappé, pressed more and more desperately as the game went on and created a lot of opportunities. In stoppage time, they also got a penalty due to a hand that was awarded after a VAR check.

From eleven yards, Mbappé was ice cold and fired the equaliser into the crossbar. Important for PSG, who thus retain second place in the group.

Even in the "group of death"

In the second match of the "group of death" of the evening, Borussia Dortmund took a heavy victory away to Milan with 3-1. The win means that they are ready for advancement to the CL round of <>.

Second place in the group could end up anywhere as PSG are only two points down on both Newcastle and Milan.

In the final round, in two weeks' time, Newcastle and Milan will meet in the north-east of England and while PSG will travel to Germany to face Dortmund.