Emma Ribom won and Jonna Sundling was second. Among the four others in the classic sprint final, two were Swedes – Frida Karlsson was fourth and Linn Svahn fifth.

"As usual, there is a broad Swedish women's army at every sprint start. And then you can't forget that Maja didn't qualify today. Still, we are fourth in the final. It's becoming common, but you still have to pinch yourself that it's really good," says Svahn.

Frida Karlsson agrees with her.

"We have a super strong team. We have the level in the team and if you keep up with the team, you know that you are at the top of the World Cup as well, she says.

Last season, the top three finishers in the Women's Sprint Cup were Swedes. Maja Dahlqvist won, Johanna Hagström came fourth and Jonna Sundling fifth.