When the national anthems were played before the match, fights broke out between Argentine and Brazilian fans. The Argentine players tried to reassure their fans without success.

The police used batons to attack mainly Argentine fans to try to break up the fights. Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez ran up to the railing in front of the away stand and tried to get up to ask the police to stop beating. Several Argentine players were in front of the stands.

Captain Lionel Messi showed his team off the pitch.

"We did it because it was the best way we could calm the atmosphere. From down there we couldn't do much, we saw how the police beat people," Messi said.

The team returned after spending 22 minutes in the locker room and warmed up for a couple of minutes before the game could finally, 27 minutes late, get underway.

Argentina coach: 'Not a farewell but have to think'

After just over an hour, Argentina's winning goal came. After a left corner, Nicolas Otamendi nodded in 1-0 after a good hang and good pressure in the header.

After the game, Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni shocked by announcing that he is considering resigning.

"Argentina needs a coach who has all the energy possible and who feels good. I have to stop the ball and start thinking, I have a lot to think about during this time," the 45-year-old said.

"It's not a goodbye or anything, but I have to think because the bar is very high and it's complicated to keep going and it's complicated to keep winning," Scaloni said.