Tsukimi Namiki, who won the bronze medal in the women's flyweight boxing event at the Tokyo Olympics, has withdrawn from the All Japan Boxing Championships, which began on the 21st. This tournament is a selection for the World Qualifiers for next year's Paris Olympics, so this is Namiki's second consecutive appearance in the Olympics.

The 25-year-old Namiki won a bronze medal in the women's flyweight boxing event at the Tokyo Olympics.

In preparation for next year's Paris Olympics, he had been aiming to move down a weight class to participate in the light flyweight division, but he lost in the first round of the Asian Games held in China in September and missed out on a spot on the national team.

After that, Namiki entered the All Japan Championships that started on the 9st, but according to the Japan Boxing Federation, Namiki had notified him that he was withdrawing from the competition.

In the future, the only opportunity to qualify for the Paris Olympics is the World Qualifiers, where the national team selection will be held at this year's All Japan Championships, so Namiki's participation in the Olympics for the second consecutive time is no longer possible.

Namiki said on his social media, "I thought about how I would face my favorite boxing in the future, and after thinking about it until just before the All Japan Championships, I decided to postpone this tournament. I'm still unsure what the future holds."