Watch the event and hear Frida Karlsson's words in the player above.

Frida Karlsson started very strong and looked to be hard to beat in the women's 10 km freestyle. But at 6.9 kilometres, the accident happened.

Karlsson tried to get past Josehanna Lundgren Wikström on a steep hill but got stuck in the latter's pole.

"No, no – what the hell," Karlsson shouted in the track.

"Then she gets stuck there and loses unnecessary seconds," exclaimed SVT Sport's Jacob Hård.

Expert Anders Blomquist filled in:

"She straps on the pole. It's Frida coming from behind – if she doesn't call, it's hard for Josehanna to know she's coming.

Frida Karlsson on the drama after the competition:

"It's so steep that there's no place to walk around, and then there was a pole in the way. Moa was strong today so she deserves this.

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Watch Moa Ilar secure victory in Gällivare Photo: Mathilda Ahlberg / BILDBYRÅN