Watch Amanda Landeblad make it to the jump-off in the player above.

Jens Fredricson was supposed to start in the World Cup jumping in Stuttgart. A broken rib put an end to it and the Swedish hope was instead spelled Amanda Landeblad.

The 32-year-old made his World Cup debut and it was a successful one, to say the least. Landeblad, with his horse For Killy, made it to the jump-off.

"What a World Cup debut for Amanda Landeblad, who really takes the chance when she gets it from the national coach. Impressive, commented SVT Sport's Annamaria Fredholm.

Expert Lotta Björe filled in:

"She's ice cold. She is incredibly calculated in her riding. She knows her horse down to her fingertips and has nerves of steel.

The jump-off was less successful and Amanda Landeblad finished in eighth place.