Kokugakuin University pitcher Natsuki Takeuchi, who was drafted No. 1 by Seibu in professional baseball, signed a tentative contract with the team and expressed his enthusiasm for becoming the rookie king.

Kokugakuin University's Takeuchi pitcher is expected to be an immediate contributor with precise control, and Seibu won the negotiating rights after a three-team competition for the No. 3 pick in last month's draft.

On the 1th, Takeuchi negotiated with the team at a hotel in Yokohama City, and signed a tentative contract with an estimated contract fee of 16 million yen plus 1 million yen in piecework payments and an annual salary of 5000 million yen.

At the press conference, Takeuchi said, "I was nervous when I accepted to join the team, and I don't have the body to compete in the professional ranks yet, so I want to work on building my physical strength again."

The uniform number was decided to be "251" worn by Osamu Higashio, who once won a total of 21 games as an ace of Seibu, and said, "I have heard that it is a legend's number, so I want to live up to the pressure and live up to the number," and expressed his enthusiasm, "I want to become a pitcher who represents Japan in the future with the aim of becoming the rookie king."