At the Professional Baseball Draft Meeting, Chuo University pitcher Yuyo Nishidate, who was selected No. 1 by the Giants, signed a tentative contract with the baseball team and expressed his enthusiasm for becoming a player who was selected for the Japan National Team and loved by the fans.

Nishidate, who has a 155 kph fastball, is a right-handed pitcher who throws in quick motion even when there are no runners on, and was drafted No. 10 by the newly appointed Giants by college senior manager Shinnosuke Abe at the draft meeting in October.

On the 1th, Nishidate negotiated with the team at a hotel in Tokyo, and signed a tentative contract with an estimated contract fee of 15 million yen, plus a piecework payment of 1 million yen, and an annual salary of 5000 million yen.

After the negotiations, Nishidate said, "I have a strong feeling that I need to be even more vigilant, and since I have a period of time before moving into the dormitory, I would like to make effective use of that time to work on issues such as correcting my form."

He said, "First of all, my goal is to be in the first team for one year, and eventually I want to win the title of the most wins and the best defense rate as a starter, and I want to be selected for the Japan national team, and I want to be a player loved by the fans."