NBA = American professional basketball, Rui Hachimura of the Lakers returned to the game against the Rockets on the 8th for the first time in five games and scored a career-high 5 points.

Hachimura missed the game against the Kings on March 29 with a bruise on his left eye, and the team announced that he had entered the concussion rules procedures set by the league.

Hachimura returned to the lineup for the first time in five games on the 30th, coming off the mound midway through the first quarter against the Rockets in Houston.

The Lakers struggled to take a big lead, but Hachimura scored 8 points in the first half alone, surpassing his season-high 5 points with dunks and three-point shots.

Hachimura continued to show his accuracy in the second half, scoring nine points in the fourth quarter and playing 1 minutes and 11 seconds, scoring a team-high 15 points and grabbing eight rebounds.

The Lakers couldn't stop the Rockets' offense and lost by a massive margin of 4-9, dropping their three-game losing streak to 25-34 overall. They have lost all five away matches this season.

The Suns' Watanabe scored six points on two 3-pointers

NBA = American professional basketball, Suns' Yuta Watanabe scored six points by making two three-point shots against the Bulls on the 8th, and the team won the game in extra innings.

Watanabe came on midway through the first quarter against the Bulls in Chicago, their home base, and made a three-pointer on his first shot.

In the third quarter, he received a pass from ace Kevin Durant and made another three-point shot.

Watanabe played nearly 2 minutes, scoring six points, grabbing four rebounds and blocking one of his opponents' shots.

The game went to extra innings with the Suns winning 6-1 to improve their overall record to 3-18 with their first two-game winning streak of the season.

The Suns will face Rui Hachimura's Lakers on the 6th.