Stockholm Nord's Tilde Wahtramäe got a hard tackle and left the arena in an ambulance during the meeting with Uppland. Despite the circumstances, however, it should be fine with her.

It has recently been introduced on the women's side that you can tackle players who go in the same direction already at the age of 13.

Morgan Johansson, responsible for player safety at the Swedish Ice Hockey Association, visited SVT's studio after the incident.

"It's not a dangerous sport, but it's not risk-free either. We have to teach girls not to put themselves in vulnerable situations. At the same time, we must not take away the responsibility on the person who tackles. Education is very important in this matter," he says.

"There is a danger"

One way to go to facilitate the training, he thinks, is to allow tackles as early as on the men's side, i.e. at the age of 12.

"I think it should be the same rules as for the boys. Except for open ice tackles, because I don't like that. There is a high risk of injury around them.

SVT's expert Maria Rooth, however, does not quite agree.

"Sweden is an island in this, internationally you don't have this. I think there is a danger if Sweden lowers the age. Then you have to have a training on how to receive a tackle regardless. The players have to get better at being closer to the boards, she says.

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