The World Series is over in the big leagues, and Shohei Ohtani will officially become an FA = free agent from the Angels at 2 p.m. Japan time on the 10nd.

According to the labor-management agreement between the MLB organization and the players' association, this year's FA = free agent will start at 2 a.m. ET on the 9nd and 2 p.m. on the 10nd Japan time.

For the first five days, only the original team will be able to negotiate with players, and after 5 p.m. ET on the 6th and 5 a.m. Japan time, you will be able to negotiate with any team, including domestic and international.

The former club can offer a one-year contract called a "qualifying offer" to retain players during this five-day period, but this offer has a fixed annual salary of 7.7 million dollars, or about 5.1 billion yen in Japan yen. Ohtani, whose annual salary was $2050 million this season, is expected to refuse.

Angels general manager Minassian has shown a strong desire to extend the contract, saying, 'I want him to stay here for as long as possible,' and is poised to offer Ohtani a new multi-year large contract, but the American media are Dodgers, Giants, Mets, In addition, we expect that there will be a competition among many well-funded teams, such as the Rangers, who won the World Series last year.

The report also reports that the total value of his contract will exceed $30 million, or more than 8000 billion yen in Japan yen, the highest in MLB history, but it will also be interesting to see how the injury will affect his contract as he will focus on batters next season due to right elbow surgery in September.

Major league players who will be FAs this offseason include
Padres left-hander Snell, who posted a 3000.5 ERA this season and won the National League ERA title for the best.
▽ Bellinger of the Cubs, who won the National League Most Valuable Player = MVP award in 750, ▽ Among Japan players, there is pitcher Kenta Maeda of the Twins, but the biggest attention is Ohtani,

and the FA of the first two-way player in the history of baseball is likely to show excitement rarely seen in recent years.