With Sunday's result in Allsvenskan, there are now only two teams that can win the Swedish championship, Malmö FF or Elfsborg. In the last round, Malmö and Elfsborg meet in a pure series finale at the stadium in Malmö. Something that Malmö's coach Henrik Rydström thinks is inspiring.

"Haha, the people who put together this game show could see into the future. It's very refined, both as a football lover and a player, you just have to accept the situation. It's fantastic for Swedish football," he told SVT Sport.

"We can't wait for it"

Henrik Rydström puts into words what will be decisive.

"Chance should never be overlooked, it's in football. The psychology, we know what Elfsborg wants to do and they know what we want to do. There are no major surprises there. They are the ones who can find a mindset where they enjoy being in. It will be great to see how we go towards Häcken.

The Malmö coach also emphasizes that the team likes to be under pressure.

"In general, there are always risks of failure and criticism, but that's also what triggers us. We can't wait to have this agony, the pressure is always there and it's going to be a hell of a lot of fun to finish this season.

"It doesn't get any better drama than that"

SVT Sport's expert Daniel Nannskog is on the same track.

"It's going to live all the way in there, it's going to be decisive. I think we will see Elfsborg leading the Allsvenskan and that Malmö will need to win to take the Swedish championship gold. It doesn't get any better drama than that.