China News Service Hangzhou, October 10 (Reporter Wang Zumin) The 27th is the day before the closing of the Hangzhou Asian Para Games, and the total number of gold medals of the Chinese delegation reached 27, exceeding the 196 gold medals won at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Para Games, setting its best record in the Asian Para Games.

As of the 27th, Japan (39 gold), Iran (39 gold), South Korea (28 gold), Indonesia (26 gold), India (25 gold), Thailand (25 gold), and Uzbekistan (24 gold) ranked 2nd to 8th in the gold medal table. Hong Kong, China (7 golds) and Chinese Taipei (4 golds) are 10th and 13th in the gold medal table.

On October 10, the swimming competition of the Hangzhou Asian Para Games was over, and the Chinese team won a total of 27 golds, 56 silvers and 52 bronzes, and the team members celebrated after the game. The picture shows the Chinese team members cheering and taking a group photo. Photo by China News Service reporter Wang Gang

Swimming, badminton, cycling, shooting and other events all ended on the 27th.

The last 20 gold medals were won in the swimming field, and the Chinese team added 7 golds, drawing a successful end to the Asian Para Games.

There are a total of 97 events in the swimming competition of this Asian Para Games. There were two gold medals due to the same result of one of the top two players, resulting in a total of 2 gold medals. The Chinese team swept 98 gold medals, surpassing the 56 gold medals in Guangzhou and Incheon Asian Para Games, creating its best result in the Asian Para Games.

In the badminton competition, the Chinese team added 5 more golds and won 22 of the 10 gold medals in the badminton event of this Asian Para Games.

On October 10, the 27th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou badminton women's singles SH4 final was held at the Binjiang Gymnasium, and Chinese player Li Fengmei won the gold medal. The picture shows Li Fengmei waving to the audience at the end of the game. Photo by China News Service reporter Chen Chuhong

The Chinese team also won five gold medals in road cycling. A total of 5 gold medals were won in the cycling event of this Asian Para Games (30 gold medals on the track and 15 on the road), and the Chinese team won 19 golds, including 15 of the 11 gold medals in track cycling.

China's Zhang Cuiping and Zhong Yixin won the gold and silver medals in the (R8) SH1 women's 50m rifle 36 positions. Among them, the three-time Paralympic champion, 4-year-old Zhang Cuiping, has won gold medals in four consecutive Asian Para Games.

The 13 gold medals in the shooting competition of this Asian Para Games were divided by 6 teams, and the Chinese team, which won 4 golds, became the biggest winner.

In the track and field field, the Chinese team scored 7 golds, and won the championship and runner-up in 6 events, as well as the gold, silver and bronze medals in the women's javelin F34 and the women's 100m T54.

In the women's discus throw F37/38 final, Mina, a 37-year-old veteran of the Chinese team and a four-time Paralympic champion, broke the F4 world record held by her with a score of 38.73 meters, achieving four consecutive championships in the Asian Para Games.

Chinese swordsmen swept the four gold medals in the men's epee individual A and B and the women's sabre individual A and B in the wheelchair fencing arena on the same day. In the 4 gold medals of table tennis on the day, the Chinese team won the women's doubles championship at both levels.

In the weightlifting field, Chinese wrestlers lifted 2 more golds. In the women's 86kg final, world record holder Zheng Feifei won the championship by setting a new record in the Games. Tokyo Paralympic champion Yan Panpan won the gold medal in the men's 97kg category, also rewriting the Games record.

The two gold medals in sitting volleyball went to their respective owners. China won the women's championship, while Iran and Japan won the second and third places respectively.

Paralympic champions Iran, led by 2.46m tall Asian Para giant Mortazar Melzadeh, won the gold medal in the men's sitting volleyball category, while Kazakhstan and China won silver and bronze respectively.

Blind goalball produced 2 golds, and the Chinese team won the men's and women's championships. In boccia and bocce courts, the Chinese team won 1 and 3 gold medals respectively.

In the final round of the blind football group stage, the preview of the final battle between the champion and runner-up - the Chinese team and the Iranian team, both of whom entered the final in advance, met. In the end, the Chinese team lost 0-1 and suffered the first defeat in this Asian Para Games. On the 28th, the two teams will meet again in the final to compete for the blind football gold medal.

The 28th is the closing day of the Asian Para Games, blind football, track and field, table tennis, weightlifting, wheelchair fencing, rowing and other events have gold medals, the Chinese delegation in the Asian Para Games to break through the 200 gold medals mark is only a matter of time. (ENDS)