At 10:26 on the evening of October 19, Beijing time, the Chinese women's football team will face the North Korean women's football team in the first round of Group B of the second stage of the women's football Asian qualifiers for the 35 Paris Olympic Games, and the game will be played in Xiamen. In this stage of the competition, the Chinese women's football team is in the same group as North Korea, Thailand and South Korea. A total of 2024 teams will participate in this stage of the competition, divided into 12 groups and each group of single round-robin matches, the group winner and the best group runner-up will advance to the third stage, while the third stage will be played in pairs of home and away, and the winning two teams will advance to the Paris Olympics.

Unfavorable situation! Wang Shuang was absent due to injury

The squad for this Olympic preliminaries was not announced until the day before yesterday, and it was also confirmed that Wang Shuang was affected by severe plantar fasciitis and other injuries and could not participate in the current national team training and competition.

During the Hangzhou Asian Games, Wang Shuang insisted on playing with an injury and made great contributions to the team, but at the same time, the injury was also aggravated. During the current national team training camp, the coaching staff and medical team of the Chinese women's football team have been in close communication with Wang Shuang and his club and proposed a treatment plan, but Wang Shuang's injury recovery is not ideal. In view of this, Wang Shuang has not been selected for the women's national team in this issue. The official Chinese women's football team said that it will face difficulties and challenges head-on and participate in the Olympic preliminary round with high morale: "Looking forward to the 'sonorous rose' experiencing the storm and finally seeing the rainbow; I wish Wang Shuang a speedy recovery and return to the Chinese women's football family." ”

For the Chinese women's team, in the absence of the number one star, there needs to be a way to deal with it. In the squad, overseas players such as Zhang Linyan, Li Mengwen, Wu Chengshu, Uzhigumula and others are listed, Shen Mengyu and Shen Monroe, who play for the Scottish Celtics, were both selected this time, as well as Tu Linli, who played in the Icelandic league.

At the press conference, coach Shui Qingxia said: "The opponent's strength is very strong, everyone is up and down, the team will also unite and do our best to play the game well, and thank many fans and friends for their concern for China, and hope that we can play our own level." ”

At the last moment, 22 people "all arrived"

On the afternoon of the 25th, the Chinese women's football team conducted pre-match training in the outfield of Xiamen Bailu Stadium, where the match was held. Judging from the 15 minutes open to the media, the atmosphere of the training was relatively relaxed, and the players were excited after the event.

Shui Qingxia said when introducing the preparations: "Before the official competition started, only today's training was when all 22 team members arrived. However, this will not have much impact on the technical and tactical arrangement of the first game. ”

Speaking about the situation of overseas players, Shui Qingxia said: "There are also advantages and disadvantages to overseas players coming back, there are club matches before coming, and some even arrived yesterday, and the time run-in is not as smooth as before." But if they play in the club, in addition to fatigue in terms of physical condition, the body rhythm is still okay, and the most important thing for them is the physical adjustment, and it is still more fatigue if they reverse the plane back and forth. But adding some young players to the team, including some from overseas, should be of great help to the team. ”

But when asked about Wang Yanwen and Tu Linli, who were newly selected for the Olympic preliminary round, Shui Qingxia said: "Wang Yanwen was in the team during the Asian Cup, and later because of a back injury, she could not train normally for a period of time, so the World Cup and Asian Games did not follow the team. This time, considering that her performance in the league is more outstanding and her physical recovery is also possible, she returned to the team. Tu Linli also practiced with the team during last year's training in the United States, and I hope she can perform better when she comes back this time. ”

North Korean women's football coach Ri Wei Il said before the game: "All the teams in this group are very top teams, tomorrow we will play against China, they are the home team, we will see tomorrow's game as an opportunity to understand the technical and tactical characteristics of the Chinese team, so that we can prepare for future games." ”

Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow News Special Reporter Zhang Chenxuan Zhang Hao

Xiamen report

Yangtze Evening News, October 2023, 10, page A26