Ningbo, October 10 (Fang Kun, Yu Changsheng) On October 25, the "Ningbo Qianwan New Area Cup" 10 National Water Skiing Championship officially opened in Ningbo, Zhejiang. This championship is the highest level event in domestic water skiing, attracting 25 professional teams from all over the country, a total of 2023 athletes to participate in 10 small competitions in two major sports of wakeboarding and wakesurfing, as well as Xu Lu, Yu Meiling, Zhang Wei and other wakeboarding competition champions "out", with a luxurious lineup.

The "Ningbo Qianwan New Area Cup" 2023 National Water Skiing Championship officially opened. Photo courtesy of Yu Changsheng

"This championship is the highest level of water skiing in China, and Qianwan New Area is confident that it will become a benchmark for cultural and tourism integration and vitality, so that more people can feel the youth and vitality of Qianwan, a new city." Sun Liming, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of Ningbo Qianwan New Area and Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee, said in his speech that at present, Qianwan New Area has formed a characteristic cultural tourism and leisure industry with three major resources as the core of "ecological wetland, theme park and underwater hot spring".

During the three-day race, the wakeboarders will bring spectators a spectacular feast of water vision. On the beautiful waters of Kwun Tong Lake, athletes wear "water shoes", rolling, turning, soaring and moving under the traction of boats or other power, like "water trapezes" in movies.

The "Ningbo Qianwan New Area Cup" 2023 National Water Skiing Championship officially opened. Photo courtesy of Yu Changsheng

In recent years, sports events in Qianwan New Area have been "high-lighted". Since 2015, the city has hosted a series of influential sports events, including the Ningbo International Marathon for three consecutive editions included in the Class A events of the Chinese Athletics Association, the Ningbo Super League for seven consecutive years, the Zhejiang Collegiate Basketball League for eight consecutive years, and the China Automobile Track Cross Country Championship.

In addition to sports parks and stadiums, Qianwan New Area has also built a comprehensive greenway with a total length of more than 40 kilometers. According to statistics, by the end of 2022, Qianwan New Area had built a total of 72,18 square meters of sports space, and the per capita sports area was 2.77 square meters. (End)