Hangzhou, 10 Oct (ZXS) -- The Hangzhou Asian Para Games produced 24 gold medals on 24 October. The Chinese delegation collected another 80 golds, and in two days of the war, it won 35 golds, 67 silvers, 53 bronzes, a total of 45 medals, far ahead of the gold medal and medal double standings.

As of the 24th, a total of 20 delegations have won gold medals. Among them, Iran (16 gold), Japan (12 gold), Uzbekistan (12 gold), India (9 gold), Thailand (8 gold), Kazakhstan (5 gold), Malaysia (4 gold) ranked 2nd to 8th in the gold medal list.

Swimming, athletics, cycling and weightlifting venues became the "main production areas" of the Chinese delegation's gold medal that day, and 4 events jointly contributed 28 golds.

After sweeping 23 gold medals on the 12rd, the Chinese swimming team continued to ride the wind and waves, winning 21 of the 10 swimming gold medals on the day, including the champions and runners-up in the women's 400m freestyle S11, women's 100m backstroke S8, women's 100m freestyle S7 and men's 50m backstroke S5.

The 21-year-old Xu Jialing, the main torchbearer at the opening ceremony of the Asian Para Games, won the gold medal in the women's 200m individual medley SM9 class. At the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, 14-year-old Xu Jialing won the women's 100m butterfly S9 class. At the last Asian Para Games, the 16-year-old swept seven gold medals and two silver medals. At this Asian Para Games, Xu Jialing will participate in 7 individual events.

The track and field competition was also full of success, with the Chinese team winning nine gold medals and breaking two world records. In the women's long jump T9/37 final, Tokyo Paralympic champion Wen Xiaoyan set a new world record held by herself with a score of 38.5 meters; In the men's javelin throw F45 final, Tokyo Paralympic champion Sun Pengxiang's 41.48m also rewrote his own world record.

Breaking records is also a common scene in weightlifting. The Chinese weightlifting team won four gold medals on the same day, broke one world record, and rewrote all four event records. Among them, in the men's 4kg final, this year's world champion Zou Yi won the world record, Asian record and event record in this category with a score of 1kg.

In cycling, Chinese athletes performed strongly, sweeping 6 of the 5 gold medals of the day.

Chinese gunners shot down another 1 gold. Two-time Paralympic champion and 37-year-old veteran Huang Xing won the gold medal in the (P1) SH1 men's 10m air pistol. Iranians won the first and second place in the women's 2m air pistol in the (P1) SH10 class.

At the (P2)SH1 women's 10m air pistol ceremony, there was a warm scene - the silver medal-winning Iranian team's two-time Paralympic champion Sareh Javanmardi held her 3-month-old child to receive the medal together. The youngest "award recipient" in her arms also won the "special award" of the organizing committee, a mascot "Feifei" after being hung up with a medal.

Fencing produced two team gold medals. The Chinese team and Hong Kong team met in the women's foil team final, and the Chinese team won the championship 45-28, and Hong Kong, China won the silver medal. The Thai team won the men's sabre team gold medal.

In the judo competition, which produced 5 golds, the Chinese team won 2 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze; In the taekwondo arena, Chinese "post-00s" young player Yao Yinan won the gold medal in the women's 65kg K44 category; Lawn bocce produced two gold medals, and Chinese players won the men's and women's individual B2 titles.

After sweeping India 4-0 in the opening game of the group stage, the Chinese blind men's football team defeated Japan 24-1 on the 0th, winning two consecutive group stage games. At the World Blind Football Championships in August this year, the Chinese blind men's football team finished second, creating its best record in the World Championships.

On the 25th, athletics, swimming, weightlifting, shooting, wheelchair fencing and other venues will continue to compete for gold and silver, and table tennis, archery, Go, wheelchair tennis and other events will join the gold medal battle. (End)