Hangzhou, 10 Oct (ZXS) -- On the third day after the opening of the Hangzhou Asian Para Games, the Chinese team won 25 golds. Halfway through the Asian Para Games, the Chinese delegation has won 51 gold, 118 silver, 96 bronze, a total of 86 medals, leading the gold medal and medal double standings.

As of the 25th, Iran (24 gold), Japan (20 gold), Thailand (20 gold), Uzbekistan (17 gold), India (15 gold), South Korea (14 gold), Malaysia (7 gold) ranked 2-8 in the gold medal list. Hong Kong (4 golds) and Chinese Taipei (3 golds) are provisionally ranked 11th and 13th in the gold medal list.

In the swimming arena, which produced 19 gold medals, the Chinese team was unstoppable, winning gold medals in 16 events on the day, winning the first and second place in 14 events, and swept 9 gold, silver and bronze medals.

Jiang Yuyan, a Tokyo Paralympic champion and less than 19-year-old Chinese teenager, won two gold medals in the women's 50m butterfly S6 and mixed 4x50m medley relay, and a bronze medal in the women's 200m individual medley SM6 class, becoming the first quadruple champion of this Asian Para Games and the first individual medal table of this competition.

Up to now, in the individual medal table of this Asian Para Games, the top four athletes have won 5 medals, all of them are from the swimming team of the Chinese delegation. Among them, "Armless Flying Fish" Guo Jincheng ranked second with 3 golds, 2 silvers and 5 medals.

In the athletics competition, the Chinese team won another 7 golds. Among them, Chinese athletes won the gold, silver and bronze medals in the women's shot put F35/36/37 class, and won the first and second places in the women's 100m T47 class, women's shot put F64 class, women's 200m T35 class, and women's 200m T37 class.

Wen Xiaoyan, a three-time gold medalist in track and field at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, used her strength to interpret the highest state of the strong - breaking the world record across events for two consecutive days. After breaking the women's long jump T3/37 world record the day before, she rewrote the women's 38m T25 world record held by her with a time of 26.18 seconds on the 200th.

Table tennis, archery, Go and other events joined the gold medal battle on the 25th, becoming a new growth point for the gold medal of the Chinese delegation.

The first gold medal day in table tennis held the finals of 21 levels of men's and women's singles, and the Chinese team won 10 gold medals, defending the honor of "national ball". The archery competition produced 4 golds, and the Chinese team won 3 golds and 1 silver. In the Go competition, which produced two gold medals, China's Gong Yunyun was crowned the women's individual champion, and the South Korean player won the men's individual gold medal.

The wheelchair fencing arena recreates the spectacular scene of four Chinese flags being raised at the same time. In the men's foil individual A and B events, the Chinese team won the top four (gold and silver medals and two bronze medals).

Wheelchair fencing produced four gold medals on the same day, and the Chinese team also won the first and second place in the women's epee individual A class, the women's epee individual B gold medal went to the Thai team, and the Chinese athletes won the silver medal and a bronze medal.

In the weightlifting competition, 4 more golds, the Chinese team won 3 golds and 1 silver. The four gold medals in the cycling competition were divided equally between the Chinese and Japanese teams. Among them, in the men's individual C4 1m pursuit, China's Li Zhangyu and Liang Weicong won the first and second place, and Li Zhangyu won his third gold medal at this Asian Para Games.

The final six gold medals were awarded on the closing day of judo, and China won two more golds. The judo competition of this Asian Para Games produced a total of 6 gold medals, and the Chinese team, which won 2 golds, became the biggest winner.

The taekwondo competition also entered its final day, with the Chinese team winning two bronze medals. In the 10 small competitions of taekwondo at the Asian Para Games, the Chinese team won 2 golds, 1 silver and 3 bronzes, and the Iranian team, which won 3 golds, 4 silvers and 3 bronzes, topped the gold medal and medal table in this event.

In the lawn bocce and boccia courts, the Chinese team each scored 2 golds.

On the 26th, swimming, athletics, table tennis, wheelchair fencing and other events will continue to compete. Badminton enters its first gold medal day, which will produce 8 gold medals; The wheelchair women's basketball team ushered in the final, and the Chinese team will compete with the Japanese team for the championship. (End)