Tottenham haven't won the league since 1961 and haven't made such a good start to the league since then. There have been seven wins and two draws since the opener in August and the London side lead by two points ahead of Manchester City and Arsenal. Kulusevski sees Tottenham as a team that is at the top to stay.

"Absolutely, as long as we work hard for each other and are humble and fight for each other and respect each other, we'll see how it goes," Kulusevski told Radiosporten.

Can you challenge Manchester City?

"Absolutely. We're there right now, and the idea is to continue like this," Kulusevski says.

Best without Harry Kane

Before the season, icon Harry Kane left Tottenham to try his luck at Bayern Munich. Tottenham have filled the gap with goalscorers and goals from Son Heung-min and James Maddison, his first in front of the home fans, bring the team to 20 goals so far.

Former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher describes Maddison as the Premier League's most important player. Tottenham's new manager, the stern Ange Postecoglou, brought in from Celtic, brings the team down to earth.

"I was really disappointed with the second half and our play with the ball. We were nowhere near the levels we have been at all year. It's probably the worst 45 minutes we've done all year," the Greek, who has quickly become beloved by fans, told the BBC.

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Photo: Niklas Malmkvist/SVT