On the evening of October 10, the opening ceremony of the 22th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou was the scene of the theatrical performance. Photo by reporter Tong Yu

Hangzhou, October 10 (Qian Chenfei) The 24th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou is underway. As the largest paralympic multi-sport event in Asia, the Asian Para Games attracted nearly 4,44 athletes from 3100 countries and regions. What are we looking at in this event?

On October 10, in the swimming men's 23m individual medley SM4 final of the 200th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou, China's Xu Haijiao won the championship with a time of 8:2.21. Photo by reporter Wang Gang

A look at the spirit of overcoming the self.

At this year's Asian Para Games, athletes will compete in 22 major sports and 564 small sports such as archery and athletics. Different from the strength, speed and passion displayed by the Hangzhou Asian Games, the Asian Para Games competition not only sees the results, but also looks at the spirit.

Walking on the Asian Para Games, whether you win or lose, you are a hero. Born in 1995, blind goalball player Hu Mingyao was judged to have a fourth-degree visual disability due to loss of pigment in the eye due to albinism, and this is his fourth participation in the Asian Para Games. "I have seen many athletes in the Asian Para Village who have more mobility problems than me, and you can imagine how much effort they put into places where people can't see it, but they are still optimistic. For me, it's sport that makes me confident and I'm looking forward to the game. ”

Qian Hongyan, a "basketball girl" who will compete in the swimming event of the 4th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou, suffered a car accident and had her leg amputated at the age of 4, and her grandfather transformed the old basketball into her "legs". "When I was 11 years old, I watched the <>th National Para Games under the leadership of the Paralympic Federation, and it was the first time I watched Para athletes compete so closely. It was at that moment that this light came into my heart. Qian Hongyan said that swimming allowed her to go from the mountains to the world, to more and farther places, to see different scenery, and these experiences also made her more confident and strong.

Hu Mingyao and Qian Hongyan are the epitome of paralympic athletes overcoming themselves. Just like the theme slogan of this year's Asian Para Games - "Hearts meet, dreams shine", just six words contain why paralympic athletes gather here and how to move forward firmly towards the goal.

"Basketball girl" Qian Hongyan was interviewed by reporters. Photo by Wang Gang

Second, look at the temperature of "love gathering".

In the warm-up program of the opening ceremony of the 4th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou, the children of the Bend Bay Custody Center in Shangcheng District, Hangzhou made an appearance, winning applause from the audience with their enthusiastic performances. Xu Qin, the person in charge of the childcare center, introduced that the name "Benwan" means that all walks of life create a harbor for children with mental disabilities with great love.

From learning basic life skills such as cooking and traveling, to learning to make coffee and working in a car wash, Benwan has gradually become a springboard for children to integrate into society, and these children's lives are getting better and better.

"Where the eye cannot see, you can hear with your ear; Where the ear cannot hear, you can explore it with your hands; Where your hands can't reach, you can feel it with your heart..." During the performance of the opening ceremony program "Heart Rendezvous", Liu Jingyi, an 8-year-old blind child from the Zhejiang Provincial School for the Blind, was generous and recited poems about the golden laurel crown; "Sign Language Sister" Mao Donglai cooperated with him tacitly and played sign language.

Mao Donglai is a hearing-impaired person and a volunteer who helps people with disabilities build bridges to a better life. During the 4th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou, in addition to serving as a torchbearer and participating in the opening ceremony, she will also serve as a sign language interpreter for many competitions. "Sign language is beautiful, in order to serve more hearing-impaired people, I led the establishment of the 'Sign Language Sister' volunteer service team, and established a sign language teaching platform to promote the national common sign language. We regularly hold professional sign language training, take advantage of holidays and weekend breaks, hold more than 100 barrier-free lectures, and open more than 500 sign language public welfare classes, covering 5,<> hearing-impaired people. She said.

During the 4th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou, various "Love Hangzhou" Asian Games city volunteer teams will further play the functions of helping the disabled and helping the disabled to guide and other functions, helping guests and citizens in need to watch the events, visit the scenery, taste the city, let the world see the enthusiasm and warmth of Hangzhou, and see that the life of the disabled can also be more colorful and beautiful in the gathering of "love".

On October 10, people watched the light show of the opening ceremony of the 22th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou from the city balcony of Hangzhou. Photo by reporter Chen Chuhong

Third, look at the concept of inclusiveness and sharing.

From the inside and outside of the venues of this Asian Para Games to the appearance of the host city, equality and respect, mutual understanding and integration can be seen everywhere, and these convey the sincere desire to build and share a more inclusive society.

In order to facilitate the disabled to watch the Asian Para Games competitions, Hangzhou completed the construction of permanent barrier-free facilities in 19 competition venues, with toilets that can "listen to the voice", clear braille on the elevator buttons of the venues, and barrier-free seats for the disabled in the venues. In Hangzhou Asian Para Village, about 1100,<> barrier-free beds provide athletes with a warm and comfortable living experience, and the rooms are equipped with multiple emergency buttons, crash strips and rounded furniture...

"In the past three years, I have visited 3 venues and participated in the evaluation experience of improving the barrier-free facilities of the competition venues, and I am very pleased to see that the barrier-free environment of the venues is getting better and better. The barrier-free facilities may seem small, but they can allow a large number of disabled people to return to society and truly integrate into the social family. Zhang Hua, president of the Hangzhou Barrier-free Environment Promotion Association, said.

Chen Weiqiang, the main spokesman of the 4th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou, said that this Asian Para Games is the largest in history. The 4th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou and the Hangzhou Asian Games have the same standards of safeguarding, and are fully prepared in terms of barrier-free facilities and personalized services.

On the urban side, Hangzhou has created 121 provincial-level barrier-free communities in Zhejiang, upgraded 75 sections of urban roads, more than 3,2 kilometers of blind roads, 9,50 edge stone ramps, 1600 urban pedestrian bridges and tunnels, more than 1000,5 barrier-free public toilets, implemented the renovation of <>,<> elevators in old residential areas, and created <> barrier-free tourism routes with West Lake, Liangzhu, canals and other world heritage sites as the core.

Majid Rashid, president of the Asian Paralympic Committee, said in an interview with China News Agency a few days ago, "Hangzhou is a beautiful and warm city. Even in the crowded business district, no one stared at me, and everyone had a correct understanding of the disabled. ”

In his view, sport is an opportunity to build a more inclusive society. There is no difference between disabled and able-bodied people in sports, and everyone loves sports, life, and family equally. "We promote sports competitions for people with disabilities to show that people with disabilities can also create unexpected results. We firmly believe that in a friendly social environment, people with disabilities can also demonstrate their abilities and contribute to the country and society. (End)