Hangzhou, October 10 (Zhongxin Net) (Bao Mengni) At 22:10 on October 22, the opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou (hereinafter referred to as the "opening ceremony") was held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium.

On October 10, the 22th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou opened, and the Chinese sports delegation entered. Photo by Wang Gang

With the theme of "Heart Meeting, Dream Shining" and "Simple, Safe and Wonderful" as the creative principle, the opening ceremony was connected by three performance passages of "Heart Rendezvous", "Courage Forward" and "Dream Shining", as well as the short film "Full of Love in Hangcheng" and the theme song "My Affection Awaits You".

That evening, "Jingui", as the representative image of the opening ceremony, ran throughout. A "golden laurel flower" that highlights the charm of Hangzhou, a "golden laurel crown" that praises hard work and pursues dreams, and a "golden laurel tree" that shows full vitality, telling the spiritual connotation of welcome, hard work and achievement.

In addition, the embodiment of "disability integration" was also one of the highlights of the opening ceremony, and important ceremony nodes and multiple programs were jointly completed by disabled and able-bodied people, interpreting the concept of "disability integration, walking hand in hand".

In the evening, Feifei, the mascot of the 4th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou, and Xu Jialing, the last torchbearer wearing a robotic arm, lit the cauldron.

The 4th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou was attended by more than 44,5200 people from 723 countries and regions, making it the largest Asian Para Games in history. The total number of Chinese sports delegations is 439, including 221 athletes, including 218 male athletes and 215 female athletes, 227 are first-time Asian Para Games and <> have participated in the Paralympic Games. Huang Xiaolian and Sun Gang served as the flag bearers of the Chinese sports delegation at the opening ceremony.

This year's Asian Para Games set up a total of 22 major events and 564 sub-events such as archery and athletics, which were held in 19 competition venues in Hangzhou. The Chinese sports delegation will participate in all 22 major events and 397 small events. (End)