The organizing committee of the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics said on Thursday that the Public Funds Investigation raided its headquarters on Wednesday, and a judicial source explained that the raid, which also targeted companies running the sporting event, was part of an ongoing investigation into allegations of "nepotism and fraud."

It said in a statement that it "confirms that the Public Funds Investigation Department visited its headquarters on Wednesday, October 18 / October / obtained all the information requested."

The Paris organising committee added that it was "cooperating fully with the investigations".

A judicial source said the raids were part of an investigation opened into suspicions of "obtaining benefits, nepotism and fraud" in awarding many contracts.

Previous raids

Security forces raided the Olympic venue in Saint-Denis in Paris for the first time in June after a lawsuit filed by the Malian prosecutor on suspicion of conflict of interest, embezzlement of funds and illegal seizure of benefits.

The ongoing prosecution began with a preliminary investigation opened by the judiciary in 2017, and a second investigation last year culminating in a search of the facilities of the Games Regulatory Authority.

Not only were corruption charges but 10 workers stepped up their rhetoric and brought France's construction giants to justice for poor working conditions that deprived them of their minimum rights and put them at risk, and forced them to acquire protections themselves.