Workers refrained from carrying out any construction work at the site of the Olympic complex north of Paris, which will host the 2024 Paris Olympics, on Tuesday to meet their demands for work contracts and residence permits in France.

About 120 workers entered the site at <> a.m. local time (<> GMT) on Tuesday, saying they planned to stay there until their demands were met.

About 20 striking workers said they were working at the site of the Bourg de la Chapelle complex, which is set to host badminton and gymnastics competitions at the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Others said they worked in similar conditions at construction sites across the city.

Construction work at a stadium at the Paris 2024 Olympics (Reuters)

The organizers of the 2024 Paris Olympics promised that the Games would be inclusive and socially responsible, and signed a social pact with trade unions and employers' associations in 2019.

However, Arnaud de Rivière de la Mor, a trade unionist in the National Confederation of Workers-Solidarity Workers' (CNT), criticized working conditions at the sites that will host the Olympics.

Speaking from over the wall inside the site occupied by the workers, he said: "As usual in construction work, there is a series of subcontractors and in this chain lies misery and exploitation."

He said all workers involved in the procedure were informally hired as subcontractors by Puig Construction.

Organisers of the Paris 2024 Olympics said they were cooperating with the labour department to ensure everyone at Olympic sites was protected.

Workers require employers to provide them with documents that enable them to obtain legal residency and work permits. The striking workers' statement said: "No papers. I mean, no Olympics."

Speaking by phone from inside the compound site, Simbala Sibibi, a 33-year-old Malian worker, said he was sent to work on the site among others and spent six months pouring and painting the walls, earning 6 euros ($60.63) a day.

He said he was working under a pseudonym using someone else's identity documents provided by Paintor 3000, which the National Confederation of Workers-Workers' Solidarity said was a subcontractor for Puig Construction.